Welcome to Med-Tech World Match

Experience boundless opportunities at the Malta Med-Tech World Summit, a two-day event merging innovation and healthcare against Malta's stunning backdrop. Beyond a conference, it's a chance to grow, connect, and advance.

While cutting-edge discussions are vital, networking is key. Connect with med-tech leaders, fostering relationships for career or business growth. The event uncovers hidden business prospects, uniting startups, investors, and industry players.

Authenticity matters. Share openly, building trust for meaningful collaborations. Embrace the event's energy in sessions aligned with goals and chance interactions. Two days hold transformation when approached strategically.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We will try to answer the questions that you often ask us.

Med-Tech World Match is a networking application designed exclusively for attendees of the Med-Tech World Summit. It facilitates meaningful networking opportunities and enables attendees to schedule meetings with fellow participants.

Med-Tech World Match is available to all registered attendees of the Med-Tech World Summit. The app is free of charge for event registrants.

Once you've registered for the Med-Tech World Summit, you'll receive access details for the Med-Tech World Match app via email. Simply follow the instructions to set up your profile and start networking.

Yes, Med-Tech World Match is accessible through both web browsers and mobile devices, ensuring you can connect with others no matter where you are.

Med-Tech World Match aims to enhance your networking experience during the summit. It enables attendees to schedule meetings, engage in discussions, and build valuable connections within the Med-Tech community.

Log in to the app, browse attendee profiles, and send message requests to those you'd like to connect with. Once the request is accepted, you can schedule a meeting at the available time slots within the MTW B2B Area.

The MTW B2B Area is a dedicated space on the exhibition floor where attendees can have one-on-one conversations and scheduled meetings. It's designed to facilitate meaningful interactions and discussions.

Absolutely, if you need a more private setting, you can rent private meeting rooms or a boardroom. Contact hello@med-tech.world for more information on availability and booking.

There are no strict limits, but we encourage you to manage your schedule responsibly to ensure productive interactions with your fellow attendees.

We expect all users to maintain a high standard of professionalism, honesty, and respect while using Med-Tech World Match. Treat fellow attendees as you would in any professional setting.

Spamming includes sending unsolicited promotional content, repetitive messages, or any communication unrelated to the Med-Tech World Summit or its networking goals. Such behavior will not be tolerated.

Please adhere to all applicable laws and regulations related to data protection and privacy. Do not share sensitive or personal information without consent, and respect the privacy choices of other attendees.

If you encounter any technical issues or have questions about using Med-Tech World Match, reach out to our support team at hello@med-tech.world.

Yes, we will have on-site support available to help you with any app-related questions or issues. Look for our help desk in the event venue.
Remember, Med-Tech World Match is designed to foster meaningful connections and collaborations. Let's work together to make this a productive and respectful networking experience for all attendees.